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Premium Finishes for Wood Floors

The Floor Finish Shop supplies high quality finishes for hardwood and softwood floors, including Varathane Diamond and Premium, Cabot Cabothane, Varathane Renewal Kit,and Rustoleum Garage Floor Coating Paint. Our products are designed for interior use by professionals, hobbyists, and home do-it-yourselfers.

The Floor Finish Shop has a wealth of experience and expertise, and is dedicated to our goal of offering a vast range of quality floor and floorcare products at exceptional prices, all provided with excellent customer service.

Our wood products are marketed directly to you, so we are able to offer premium products at attractive prices. The Floor Finish Shop website is 100% payment secure.

Some frequently asked questions:

How do I remove the old floor finish?

Most people use a floor sander to remove the old finish. There are several types of sanders, including vibrating (orbital), and drum belt sanders. Some do it yourselfers will try to use their hand held belt sanders. To use a hand held belt sander, you need to be on your knees for long periods, so unless you are working on a very small room, it is not the best choice for most projects. The most commonly used tools are upright vibrating and drum sanders. You can usually rent them from your local hardware store. Often times you can buy or rent a video with instructions about how to use the sander, which I recommend you watch prior to using the sander. Use caution when renting a drum sander, as they require the most skill to use. Often times drum sanders are best left to professionals, which leaves the vibrating sander as the best choice for the non-professional.

You can use a paint remover from to remove old varnish (over 40 years old) from trim and very small projects.

What should I use, oil base or water base floor finish?

Generally speaking, oil base finishes are harder and more durable than water base finishes. Water based finish formulas have improved over the years, and are narrowing the durability gap with oil base finishes. Water base finishes dry quickly, usually within a couple of hours, so you can recoat the floor quickly. Water base finishes have little or no odor compared to oil base finishes. Most water base finishes dry clear, with no amber tint like an oil base finish. As water base finishes age, they normally don't yellow. As oil base finishes age, they will become more amber. Some people prefer the totally clear water base finishes, some prefer the warm, amber tone of oil base finishes. The type of wood, light level in the room, and many other factors will contribute to your choice of finish.

Can I use a stain before applying the topcoat?

The simple answer is yes. It is best to use an oil base stain with an oil base topcoat, and a water base stain with a water base topcoat. If you mix oil and water base products, make sure you allow sufficient time for the stain to completely dry before applying the topcoat. This can sometimes take 7 or more days, depending on temperature, humidity, etc. Always read and follow the directions on the product label before applying any stain or finish.

Which is more durable, Gloss or Satin?

Most topcoat finishes have a gloss shine by default. Normally, a flattening agent is added to create a satin, or low gloss shine. The more flattening agent that is added, the lower the shine. Gloss has no flattener, semi-gloss has a little flattener, and satin contains more flattener. The flattening agent normally makes the finish a tiny bit less waterproof and durable. So the gloss shine is normally a bit more durable, but it will highlight imperfections in the finish. If the room gets a lot of sunlight through windows opposite the entryway, you will typically notice more imperfections in a finish. A room that is primarily illuminated with flat facing overhead lights, makes it much harder to see imperfections.

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