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  • Never shake the can to mix the contents. This introduces air bubbles into the liquid, that may dry permanently in the finish. Instead, use a paint stirrer to thoroughly mix the finish prior to application.
  • If you need to sand any areas by hand, always sand in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Never sand across the grain, or it will be quite obvious after you apply the finish.


Why has thick sediment settled to the bottom of the can?

This usually happens with clear finishes that have a satin or semi-gloss shine. The sediment at the bottom of the can is usually the flattening agent. If you don't stir it well, the finish may dry with a glossier shine than was intended.

How do I remove water spots or pet urine stains before refinishing my floor?

If the spot is whitish or light colored, the liquid has penetrated the finish, but most likely not the wood. When you remove the finish, chances are the wood will not show signs of the damage.

If the spot is blackish or dark colored, the liquid has penetrated the finish and has soaked into the wood. If the stain is shallow, after you sand off the finish, the stain may disappear. Chances are though, it is probably deep in the wood, and you may need to bleach the damaged area, then lightly sand as needed. You can try a household bleach like Clorox. If you need a stronger bleach, you can find "wood bleach" at a hardware store. Be careful not to over bleach the area. It is best to experiment in an inconspicuous place first if possible.

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